February 2024 Newsletter | Defend Your Inbox: Try Our AI-Powered Email Security Solution FREE!

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Greetings from Teleco! As we venture into February 2024, we are thrilled to continue our journey alongside you, catering to your diverse technological requirements. As a local business owner, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities you face in today’s fast-paced digital landscape. In this issue, we shine a spotlight on how Teleco is dedicated to fulfilling your tech needs with personalized service and expertise. Additionally, we delve into the critical topic of email security, unveiling strategies to safeguard your digital communications from evolving threats. Join us as we explore the future of safety in the digital age and empower you with the knowledge and tools to thrive securely in today’s interconnected world.

Renewing Purpose: Reflecting, Celebrating and Setting the Course for 2024!

Every January, we intentionally pause our regular routine to unite as a team and reflect on our last year. Celebrate our accomplishments, training, and certification and shine a spotlight on how we have given back to our community. We then set out new intentions and goals for 2024! We’re ready for another year of innovation, collaboration and purpose-driven success!

One Local Company for ALL your Technology Needs!

A lot has changed since 1985 but what hasn’t is our commitment to bringing innovative technology and great customer service to our community. Today we are proud to serve and provide.

  • ✅ IT Managed Services
  • ✅ Cybersecurity
  • ✅ VoIP Business Phone Systems
  • ✅ Boardroom Audio Solutions
  • ✅ Security Camera Surveillance and Access Control
  • ✅Certified Data Cabling

We’ve got you covered!

Protect Against Advanced Email Threats Using AI

Stop attacks before it reaches the inbox! 📧 Our email security software protects inline. This means that it scans emails after default layers, but before the inbox. It secures emails in all directions (internal, external and outgoing).

In addition, it scans every file and attachment for malware and ransomware – ALL before it reaches the inbox.

Using AI, it is also continuously learning and improving from every end-user interaction and email.  Prevent malicious emails and files from reaching your company’s inbox today.

👉Sign up for a FREE 2-week trial. We guarantee you will be amazed at what we will catch that would have gotten to your employees inbox!

The Future Of Safety: AI-Powered Security Cameras 📷

Using visual cameras and smart analytics you can safeguard the well-being of your employees, the public and the environment in real time.  Cameras and analytics can detect and alert to:

⭐ PPE Detection
⭐ Man Down
⭐ Blocked Exit Notification
⭐ Leak Detection
⭐ Alert when Risk Zones are Entered
⭐ Trigger Automatic Equipment Shutdowns

For more information on how you can mitigate immediate risks, download our resource or watch this informational video.

Congratulations Ryan! 12-Year Anniversary🎉

Congratulations to our Director of IT and Sales, Ryan Johnson celebrating 12 years with Teleco.  Ryan is kept busy assisting our very busy Sales Team, as well as, always looking at new and improved technology to add to our tech stack.  When not at work he is busy at home with his wife and their 3 kids and a new puppy! Thank you Ryan for all your dedication and hard work towards making Teleco a great place to work.

Teleco Travels to Toronto! ✈️

Congratulations to Richard Martin and Spencer Graham for successfully completing the Axis Communications Network Video and Fundamentals course in Toronto! Their accomplishment underscores Teleco’s commitment to employee growth, enhancing their expertise in network video, from new device types to troubleshooting techniques.

Cheers to their continuous learning and accomplishments!