Video Surveillance

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Video Recorders

Out-of-the-box ready recording solutions

We provide an easy-to-install and reliable system, that will record your videos. They’re all perfectly adapted to your current network products, and have all software licenses included.

Network Cameras

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll find a network camera to suit your needs. From robust outdoor cameras to discreet products for sensitive environments, we offer it all.

Video management software

Whether you need simple video management software (VMS) or something more powerful and feature-rich, there’s a solution that matches your needs perfectly.

Available at any time, from anywhere
The core of your security solution is the Video Management Software (VMS). Deciding software for your solution is not only a matter of size. Even more important is what security issues you have and how they can be best addressed.

Network audio

Network audio adds value to your video-based security system helping you proactively deter crime by responding immediately and intervening remotely with prerecorded or live messages. You can set up your system to trigger prerecorded messages in response to potential criminal activity or to notify an operator or guard to speak directly to a culprit. Either way, there’s a good chance you’ll send potential loiterers and potential offenders hurrying away. You can also use prerecorded or live messages to safely and reliably deliver crucial safety information and instructions regularly or in emergencies

More IT Services we provide


Network Assessments

We evaluate your current state environment and determine if there are any vulnerabilities or ways we can save you money


Network Services

We offer a full Managed Services model which allows you to bundle specific services for a low fixed monthly cost


Cloud Solutions

Finding the right solutions for you.  We utilize the cloud to help your organization to achieve the best solutions


Desktop and Server Support

We take care of the day to day, week to week, and month to month of your systems, which provides you more time to help your customers


Business Continuity

Online Backup and restoration.  We believe in having your data saved in case something unspeakable happens.


Cyber Security

From Anti-virus software to firewalls.  We utilize a variety of software and hardware to keep your business safe and running smoothly.

Safer Workplaces - Now and for the Future

Discover peace of mind with Axis Network Solutions, empowering you to safeguard the well-being of your employees, the public, and the environment in real time. Our comprehensive approach not only provides immediate protection but also furnishes valuable insights for long-term safety enhancements. Be prepared for any situation as our network solutions assist in emergency management, mitigate immediate risks, and evaluate health and safety procedures. Safeguard human lives and ensure uninterrupted business operations with Axis Network Solutions and Teleco —your trusted partners in comprehensive safety and security.

Are you ready to protect your business?