Avaya IP Office

The Avaya IP Office: The Best of All Small Business Phone Systems Available Today!

TELECO sells some of the most advanced small business phone systems in the market today. The Avaya IP Office is one of those phone systems. In fact, Avaya was named “Avaya Named Among the 100 Most Innovative Companies in Silicon Valley“. If you’ve never thought about upgrading your business phone system, look no further! This article is for you!

Many small business owners don’t see the need to invest in new phone systems at first glance. The truth of the matter is; you need a new phone system now more than ever before. There are many benefits you stand to enjoy from upgrading your phone system. These benefits range from reduced operating costs to improved business efficiency and customer service, all of which contribute highly to the success of small businesses.

One of the main reasons why small business owners fail to upgrade their phone systems is lack of adequate knowledge about the benefits they stand to enjoy. If that’s the case for you, look no further. Below you will have the opportunity to learn about some amazing benefits the Avaya IP Office offers.

It’s worth noting that the best phone systems in the market today may appear costly at first glance but wait till you discover the benefits your business stands to enjoy.

Snapshot of Features on an Smartphone

Avaya IP Office has many different editions and we can find the right solutions for your business.

snapshot of IPO

In case you haven’t upgraded because you haven’t found the perfect phone system for your business, you are in the right place. There’s so much you gain from a new small business phone system that is customized to meet your business needs perfectly.

Unfortunately, there are very few properly trained and knowledgeable phone system sales people capable of crafting perfect solutions for you. That’s where we come in. TELECO offers highly customized phone system solutions that ensure you get a phone system that matches your business perfectly.

We carry out field visits aimed at discovering the unique phone system problems our clients face. We go as far as studying our clients’ business models among other important info in an effort to offer highly customized business phone system solutions. Luckily, the Avaya IP Office is a highly customizable business phone. There’s hardly any phone system problem the Avaya IP Office can’t solve.

Let’s get into the most popular Avaya IP Office features in an effort to help you discover the benefits you’ll enjoy from upgrading your phone system.

Most Popular Avaya IP Office Features

  • Caller ID

    This useful but commonly absent feature in many small business phone systems helps you know who is calling before you answer. Caller ID is a great customer service phone system feature since it helps you/you employees to answer calls in a better/more customized manner. When you know which client is calling you before you pick up, you will be able to respond better to the call i.e. personalize greetings, pull up important information before picking the call etc.

  • Voicemail to Email

    As the name suggests, this feature allows you to access all your voicemail messages remotely from your email. As a result, you/your employees don’t have to be physically present in the office to listen and respond to important voicemail messages left when one is away from the office/desk.

  • Twinning

    This feature allows your office phone extension and a secondary number (i.e. your personal cell phone number) to operate as one telephone. What this simply means is; calls to an employee’s extension ring simultaneously on their personal cell phones which allows them to pick calls when they are away from the office, in the same manner they would if they were seated in the office. Furthermore, employees don’t have to give out their personal phone numbers for them to be reachable when they are out of the office which enhances employee privacy and customer service simultaneously.

  • Auto Attendant

    The Avaya IP Office also has an auto-attendant feature which works like a digital receptionist i.e. transfers callers to the appropriate extensions without having callers go through a receptionist or telephone operator. This feature basically eliminates the need for you to have a receptionist/call operator in your business which translates to great savings.

  • Access to Different Mailbox Features

    As the name suggests, this feature allows you to access different mailboxes when someone is away. As a result, you can still attend to important correspondence when one or more of your employees are away for whatever reason.

  • Call-Flow

    The Avaya IP Office also has a call-flow feature that lets you decide where calls should be sent. With this feature, you can attach your staff to different phones, let unanswered call ring everywhere etc. which translates to better call handling.

  • Multiple Ringtones

    The Avaya IP office also comes with multiple ringtones which can be assigned to different employees in shared office spaces (for them and you) to be able to know whose phone is ringing at any given time. Multiple ringtones help to save time i.e. employees who are temporarily away from their desk don’t have to run to their desk every time a phone in the building rings. Multiple ringtones also help to improve accountability/customer service since employees are held personally accountable for ignoring calls.

Top benefits of the Avaya IP Office

  • Unmatched Usability

    The Avaya IP Office is undoubtedly the most usable of all small business phone systems in the market today. Unlike most phone systems in the market today, you don’t need any specialized training to use the phone system effectively. The phone systems’ interface is very user friendly featuring menus which are easy to follow. The phone system also comes with a very detailed user manual that helps you utilize all phone system features to the fullest with ease. Furthermore, we offer training.

  • Works with Many Phone Sets

    Just because the Avaya IP Office is an IP phone system doesn’t mean you need IP phones to utilize the phone system. The phone system is true hybrid system which allows you to mix as well as match all kinds of phone sets from IP, digital and wireless phone to analog phone sets as well.

  • Highly Customizable

    As mentioned above, the Avaya IP Office is capable of meeting the most unique needs of a business. Provided you use small business phone system experts like us, you can be rest assured the phone system will meet your every need. Teleco is highly knowledgeable and experienced in Avaya IP Office solutions.

  • Amazing Remote Maintenance Capabilities

    The Avaya IP Office is also one of the few small business phone systems with remote maintenance capabilities. What this simply means is; phone system companies like us; TELECO, don’t need to maintain your Avaya IP Office phone system by physically visiting your office. The phone system allows remote maintenance over the internet. The phone system goes further and sends notifications of faults in advance before customers even realize there is a problem. We sell the remote access piece that makes monitoring and maintenance extremely fast and efficient.

  • Easy Upgrades

    It doesn’t get easier to upgrade a small business phone system when you have the Avaya IP Office. Unlike many small business phone systems in the market today, The Avaya IP Office grows with your business. This makes upgrades very easy. Furthermore, Teleco helps you choose the best equipment and services that match your business needs which makes upgrades even easier. Once you buy the Avaya IP Office, you can forget about investing in another phone system for years to come even if your business grows rapidly.

  • Unmatched Flexibility

    The phone system also has many features discussed above i.e. twinning and call-flow that offer unmatched flexibility. For instance, you/your employees don’t have to be physically present in the office to conduct business. The phone system also works perfectly anywhere in an office environment i.e. different workstations provided you have a good internet connection.

  • Smaller Chassis

    The Avaya IP Office also has a smaller footprint compared to phone systems such as NEC and Panasonic. If the size of phone system chassis matters to you, the Avaya IP Office won’t disappoint