MTSP – What is it and why you NEED it.

When it comes to IT, most business owners would love to have cutting edge technology, modern equipment and software, bullet-proof security and solid back-up disaster recovery plans. We also want this to be seamless, cost effective and time efficient so we can spend our time and effort on what we do best – growing our business! With Managed IT services you can have all of that. MTSP’s are Managed Technology Service Providers. As an MTSP, we proactively manage the IT needs of another company based on a fixed monthly price. The services we provide can be numerous depending on the business’s needs. It may include remote monitoring and management, advanced cybersecurity and automated threat detection, robust backup and data protection for local and cloud environments, assistance to employees through a help desk, Network Operations Center (NOC) or Security Operations Center (SOC) and ongoing training and coaching services. There are many key values to adopting a managed service approach for your IT needs.

1 Prevention instead of Reaction

With a break-fix model, businesses only call for professional help when there is a problem. ften at this point, you are experiencing downtime and pain from the issue. With an MTSP model, we won’t just monitor and resolve issues, we also proactively prevent future problems from occurring. Prompt installation of patches and security updates keeps your network secure and current across all platforms.

2 Fixed Low Monthly Cost

Your MTSP provider will work with you to create a predictable monthly price to assist with managing your IT costs and eliminate any unforeseen surprises. This allows business owners to shift from capital expenses to operating expenses and budget accordingly.

3 Team of IT Support supporting you

One person cannot be an expert of all things IT on all levels. When you invest in an MTSP you are investing in a team of experts – not one person to support you. Your MTSP should also have an accountability system that requires them to report and meet with you quarterly for a business review. During the review, you should be discussing how many tickets were opened and closed with the help desk, how quickly service requests were addressed and did it meet the agreed upon service level standards. It should also include a technical review of your IT environment and future strategic planning.

4 Leverage experts in all areas of IT

Technology changes quickly and keeping up with the changes can be challenging. By working with an experienced MTSP, your company will have immediate access to the latest technology in products and services. Your MTSP will have a dedicated team that has the knowledge and skills to handle your entire network. Outsource what you don’t know and save time and money by focusing on the tasks that matter to you.

5 Monitoring and 24/7 Support

Your business can expect quick response times through enterprise-level monitoring and remote cloud services. With our 24/7 support, our technicians can access, monitor and repair virtually any network issue remotely. If required, a technician can be dispatched onsite within the same business day. This model provides peace of mind and expert coverage to sustain 100% uptime.

6 Ongoing Education and Training to Prevent Cyberattacks

Ongoing user training is provided for security awareness that educates on human error and risk management. User training and education are just as essential as the security software business owners invest in. As an MTSP, we feel it’s essential to train our clients to help them recognize and assess potential vulnerabilities, identify phishing attempts or malicious emails. We provide this through various methods including lunch-and-learns, mock phishing exercises, webinars, blog content and training documentation. IT and technology is an integral part of every company. A reputable MTSP will spend valuable time understanding your business and your industry. This knowledge will help customize technology that increases your profitability, enhances employee productivity and gives you a competitive advantage. By embracing technology and proactively managing your IT with industry experts, you will set yourself apart from your competition and create the momentum you need for growth and success. For further information on TELECO’s Managed Technical Services, contact Penny Belluz or any one of their Business Team members at 345-2900.