November 2023 Newsletter | 🔐Unlocking More Than Doors: Access Control + Giving Back with the United Way!

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As we embrace the crisp November breeze, we are delighted to bring you the latest updates from Teleco in this month’s newsletter. In the spirit of gratitude and community, we shine a spotlight on the vital topic of access control, exploring how technology continues to shape and enhance security measures in our ever-evolving digital landscape. Beyond our commitment to innovation, we are thrilled to share heartwarming news about our collaboration with the United Way, a charity dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need. At Teleco, we believe in giving back to the community that has supported us throughout our journey, and this November, we invite you to join us in making a difference. Read on for insightful articles, updates, and stories that reflect our commitment to both cutting-edge solutions and compassionate endeavors.

Small Business, Big Security

Learn more about Access Control – it’s not just about doors and locks; it’s about empowering businesses of every size with personalized security for your unique needs. Click to learn more about how Teleco can help you redefine your security game. 🛡️

Don't Let Your Impact Slip Away!

Download our latest resource, “Protecting Your Impact: A Non-Profit’s Guide to Cybersecurity,” to fortify your organization’s digital resilience. Learn why safeguarding donor trust, ensuring regulatory compliance, and mitigating financial risks through expert Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are critical steps for the success and sustainability of non-profits.

Don’t let cyber threats tarnish your reputation; prioritize cybersecurity to secure your mission, integrity, and the trust of your supporters. 🤝

Download our Cyber Security Checklists for Non-Profits.
Click here to email our team for more information.

Myth Busted: Unleash the Power of Cloud-Based Telephony with Teleco!

Worrying about the internet going down shouldn’t hinder your business from upgrading to the cloud.☁️ In our latest blog, we dismantle the myth that internet disruptions pose a significant threat to your telephony system.

Discover how Teleco’s Cloud VoIP system not only offers unparalleled advantages and efficiencies but also provides foolproof strategies to navigate potential challenges.

Click to read and empower your business with reliable communication: Read More.

United Way Workplace Employee Campaign Kickoff!

🍔 We were thrilled to kick-off our Employee Campaign with the United Way with NovemBurgers from Daytona’s Restaurant and Kangas Sauna. Thank you to Patti Defeo from the United Way of Thunder Bay who attended our lunch and provided us with a presentation on the importance of the United Way, how funds are allocated in our community and some insight into the current needs the United Way supports. She also shared that not only have we had 💯% employee participation year over year, but that we have over the years contributed $108,000.00 to the United Way through our workplace campaign!

💪We are small but we are mighty and we were humbled by this amount. We were also honoured to have Jackie Knough, Executive Director of Our Kids Count, attend our kick-off lunch and shed light on the profound impact the United Way has on their non-profit organization. Learning about the incredible programs supported by the United Way that directly benefit Our Kids Count and contribute to the betterment of our community was truly inspiring. Workplace campaigns have the power to transform lives. Start your workplace campaign today and remember, every dollar adds up.

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Upgrade Complete! ✅

We’re thrilled to announce the successful upgrade to our new Customer Relationship / Professional Services Automation (CRM/PSA) software on November 1st, bringing exciting changes to enhance your customer experience.

Enjoy enhanced collaboration, boosted efficiency with faster response times and streamlined communications.

We appreciate your support and welcome any questions or concerns as our invoicing, quoting and service tickets are all new as we continue to improve our service. Thank you for being part of this journey! 👍