Teleco Asked to Guest Speak on How to Exceed Customer Expectations at Leading Industry Convention


THUNDER BAY, ON – March 7th , 2023

TELECO, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), recently announced that Penny Belluz, Director of Operations for Teleco, was invited to guest speak at the Technology Assurance Group (TAG) Convention in Charleston, South Carolina. The convention is a forum for leading managed technology service providers to gather and exchange the latest technology information, customer experience tips and leading-edge ideas with one another. The private event is by invitation-only and Teleco has been identified as a thought leader in customer engagement. Out of the hundreds of attendees, Belluz was asked to share her company’s unique philosophies on how best to exceed customer expectations in a world where subpar service is the unfortunate norm. Belluz will be sharing her team’s unique approach with attendees on March 26-28, 2023 at the Charleston Marriott.

Virtually every business is constantly experimenting with new methods to increase revenues, drive customer engagement and ultimately, to grow profits. However, the central driver behind all of those is whether or not the company exceeds, meets or fails to meet customer expectations. Teleco has spent decades refining its processes so that at every point in the customer journey, they’ve uncovered innovative ways to not only identify what customer expectations are, but moreover, they’ve discovered which strategies will help them to exceed customer expectations on a consistent basis. Belluz is very much looking forward to sharing these insights with her peers. 

“The very first step is to distinguish customer outcomes from company outcomes,” stated Belluz. She added, “Far too many businesses get fixated on pushing their own initiatives onto the customer that even when they succeed in implementing a solution, they achieve solutions that may not even be relevant to the customer.” This is especially the case in technology-related businesses, whereby it takes skillful understanding to pinpoint customer issues. 

Belluz shared, “The entire team needs to be aligned and there are several strategies we implement to ensure clients are as delighted as we assume they are. I can’t wait to share these methodologies, because once you get the hang of them, the entire business benefits. One of the keys is to build-in several proactive touch points into the sales process, the implementation process and the follow-up process. As simple as it sounds, you’d be stunned to discover how many opportunities there are to improve customer experience hiding in plain sight.” 

“We’re delighted that Penny will be speaking with the rest of the association,” stated Brian Suerth, President of TAG. “Teleco has been doing the right things for years and we’re excited for others to learn from her experiences.” The Member association is comprised of many market leaders across the country and Teleco has risen as a star because they’ve prioritized customer experience over all else.