Teleco Club for your Smartphone

Teleco Club for your Smartphone

For only $49.99 get a $40 accessory credit and two years of benefits

Teleco Club

Accessory Credit

$40 Accessory Credit 1

Instantly receive $40 off a new case, or any accessory you like.

Courtesy Phone

A similar wireless device to what you are using but without paying a deposit.
People enjoy courtesy phones while repairs (like cracked screens) are being done on their phone.
Using a phone that is similar to your phone, with all its bells and whistles, is important.

Without Teleco Club, the Courtesy phone2 will be the most basic cell phone available.


FREE for two years:

  • cleaning and adjustment
  • troubleshooting outside of manufacturer’s warranty
  • software updates 3

DISCOUNTS for two years on:

  • 20% off accessories4

No Plan

Accessory Credit

None but with Teleco Club, you receive an instant $40 off any accessory.

Courtesy Phone

Standard cell phone (or basic blackberry) courtesy phone2 is available with a deposit.

With Teleco Club, you would be using a device with similar features as your phone. People with smartphones, will be using a smartphone.


While the Teleco Club members enjoy many free services, without Teleco Club, the minimum service fee is $15 for each service.

Our “no hassle” fine print

1$40 credit must be used at the time of purchase.

2A courtesy phone not returned or brought back with liquid or physical damage will be charged out at $200 for a phone and $400 for a smartphone.

3Includes software updates to original operating system software only.

420% accessory discount applies to regularly priced accessories only and does not apply to accessories that the $40 credit is used on.