43% Boost in Productivity with a Wireless Headset at Work

Did you know that using a headset can improve your productivity at work?

The latest statistics on headset use indicate that headsets can boost productivity in workplaces by approximately 43%.

“67% of members in the experimental group reported at least some decrease in the severity of neck, back, and shoulder discomfort.”

Since it’s inevitable to communicate using your telephone at work, the most important thing is finding ways to improve your posture and productivity. Wireless headsets are the answer.

Plantronics Medical Headset Study Results (in conjunction with American Physical Therapy Association) report:

  • Headset users experienced 41% less muscle tension than handset users while reading.
  • Headset users experienced 36.6% less muscle tension than handset users while writing.
  • Headset users experienced 31.4% less muscle tension than handset users while typing.
  • Headset users experienced 35% less muscle tension than handset users

Plantronics Whitepaper Headset Benefits Plantronics Whitepaper Headset Benefits (40 KB)

Main benefits of using wireless headsets at work

1. Headsets are a cost-effective way to increase productivity

Wireless headsets free up your hands allowing you to multitask effectively.

  • input something into your computer
  • text a colleague for an answer to your caller’s question
  • use your computer to search for data to help the caller
  • make notes about your conversation

In a nutshell, wireless headsets allow you to do more because they free your hands.

2. Freedom to move around your office

Wireless headsets allow you to move freely while on the phone.

  • locate a document at your desk or nearby filing cabinets
  • answer calls while away from your desk
  • stand up and stretch relieving the strain of sitting all day

The most advanced wireless headsets today allow you to move 350 feet from your phone.

3. Improved clarity and sound quality

Wireless telephone headsets also tend to offer better overall sound quality.

  • headset microphones are positioned closer to the speaker’s mouth
  • the position of the microphone stays put even while you are moving
  • advanced wireless headsets offer noise-cancelling technology
  • the option for binaural headsets allows both your ears to be covered so you can hear your caller better.

You and the caller can hear each other better avoiding miscommunications and mistakes.

4. Reduced neck and back pain

Cradling a telephone against your shoulder is a major contributor of neck and back pain in offices today. In an effort to multitask, many employees using traditional telephones find themselves assuming poor positions.

This is precisely why wireless headsets come highly recommended by many medical bodies i.e. the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association), as well as many doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors.

Wireless headsets reduce risks of experiencing neck and back pain.

Choosing your headset

  • What kind of devices will you use your headset with (deskphones, smartphone, computer, softphone)? Do you attend webinars or online training? These answers help determine if you need a versatile headset or one that works with a single device.
  • Do you need the freedom to move away from your desk while working?
  • Where do you make most of your calls? A DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) headset for the office lets you roam about 300 feet from its base. A bluetooth headset lets you roam about 30 feet from your smartphone.
  • What kind of office do you work in? Is there background noise? Or is it quiet?
  • Consider compatibility. What type of deskphone do you need your headset to work with?
  • Do you need accessories, like the HL10 Lifter that allows you to answer calls away from your desk? (HL10 Lifter is used with older model deskphones.)
  • Do you need an Electronic Hook Switch Cable which allows you to answer calls away from your desk? (Can be used with newer model deskphones.)


Headsets improve productivity, sound quality, offer more freedom and reduce back and neck pain. These benefits speak to both employer’s needs and employee’s needs.

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