December 2023 Newsletter |Unlock Festive Magic: Your Stress-Free Holiday Guide & Cybersecurity Tips! 🎁🔐

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As the holiday season unfolds, we extend warm greetings and good tidings to each member of the Teleco family. In this festive edition of our December newsletter, we delve into the importance of ensuring your phone system is finely tuned for the holidays, providing seamless communication during this joyous time. With festivities comes an unfortunate rise in cybersecurity risks, and we share valuable insights on safeguarding your digital presence during this season of heightened online activity. Additionally, discover the robust features of Teleco’s CamCare service, offering advanced security solutions for peace of mind. Moreover, join us in recapping the delightful camaraderie and friendly competition of our November Lunch Off, a testament to our vibrant workplace culture. Wishing you a joyful and secure holiday season ahead!

Unlocking the Magic: Your Holiday Phone System Preparedness Guide 🎄☎️

Dive into stress-free festivities with our Holiday Phone System Preparedness Guide! Elevate your customer experience from greetings to closures, and enjoy a less stressed, more successful business season. Click now to unwrap our guide for a seamless holiday experience or contact our service team at for assistance.

'tis the Season for Cyber Vigilance

As festivities approach, discover 5 reasons why the joy of the holidays is coupled with an upswing in cybersecurity risks. Discover expert insights on safeguarding your business, fostering a cybersecurity-aware culture, and ensuring a worry-free celebration for all. Click to read more and fortify your defenses against holiday cyber threats!

Update Your Auto Attendant For The Holidays

Ensure your callers experience the festive spirit and update your Teleco cloud phone system auto attendant with ease. Include holiday wishes, extended business hours or holiday announcements or promotions. Watch our video guide and transform your business’s holiday greetings effortlessly.

Elevate Your Security Game With Teleco's CamCare Service 📷

Elevate Your Security Game with Teleco’s CamCare Partner Plan and Concierge Service! Discover a tailored security solution that goes beyond the ordinary security services. From quarterly maintenance to elite personalized support, Teleco is your local security ally, leading in cutting-edge technology and exceptional service. Read more about how you can fortify your security journey and elevate your protection game today!

Beyond the Ringing - Strategic Impact of On Hold Messaging and Music 🎹

Nows the time to program on hold messaging and/or music for your callers when placed on hold. Discover the impact to elevate your professionalism, reduce wait time perception and promote your brand during the holidays and throughout the year. Learn more or to add it to your system today contact us.

November Lunch-Off 🥪

Our November Lunch-Off took a flavourful turn with Soup & Sandwiches, chosen by a majority vote. Four teams had to create a meal plan, shop, make and serve the meal to the rest of the Teleco Gang. Then we voted on the best lunch.🗳️

This annual event is more than just a cooking competition. It’s a great team-building opportunity and creates a fun environment in the office, including some shenanigans. One team may have even received a letter from our lawyer for a rule violation and resulting disqualification! The much-awaited winning team will be announced at our Christmas party.🎄