Elevate Your Security Game with Teleco’s CamCare Partner Plan and Concierge Service


Elevate Your Security Game with Teleco’s CamCare Partner Plan and Concierge Service

Teleco’s CamCare Partner Plan and Concierge Service offer tailored security solutions that go beyond the ordinary to businesses in our region seeking to fortify their security game. With Teleco, you have a local security ally and an industry leader in cutting-edge technology and exceptional service.

CamCare Partner Plan: Strengthening Security via Camera Care

Our CamCare Partner Plan goes beyond a security solution. It provides a one-of-a-kind, tailored service designed to support and fortify businesses in our community. By entrusting your surveillance system to Teleco‘s meticulous care, you ensure uninterrupted functionality, swift issue resolution, and fortified protection for your assets. The plan includes automatic alerts for camera issues and routine quarterly and annual maintenance.

Quarterly Maintenance:

The quarterly maintenance encompasses a series of verification tests, firmware updates, alarm testing, hardware inspection, software updates, user access review, configuration backup, functional testing, and system maintenance. These actions collectively guarantee optimal system performance and resilience against potential vulnerabilities.

Annual Maintenance:

The annual maintenance takes a holistic approach, involving tasks such as cleaning hardware, conducting a physical security assessment, database cleanup, user training, and power system checks. This comprehensive check ensures the longevity and efficiency of your security system.

Elite Personalized Service and Support 

CamCare Concierge Service:

Teleco goes a step further by introducing the CamCare Concierge Service, an exclusive offering for businesses in our region seeking a high level of personalized service and support for their security needs.

How CamCare Concierge Benefits You:

Expert technicians proactively handle all your security system maintenance needs, ensuring it’s always running at its best. Swiftly retrieve crucial footage for incidents or accidents during regular business hours, addressing concerns promptly. Adding new users or adjusting permissions becomes a breeze. Teleco‘s team takes care of it, allowing you to focus on running your business. Expert assistance is available for any issues related to accessing or managing your cameras. Your team can rest easy with reliable help desk support. Whether you need to modify rules or change your system’s settings, Teleco handles it, tailoring security to your needs.

Elevate Your Protection Game Today!

Your security journey begins with Teleco. Join us at Sales@teleco.ca and elevate your protection game. Invest in a plan that understands and supports your unique needs. Teleco: Innovation, Technology, and Service – Redefining Security in Northern Ontario.