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Learn to program IPO series: ICR

In today's blog you will learn about the Incoming Call Route and how it is used to direct calls from the dial tone provider to the destination on your PBX (phone system). This destination most commonly would be an AA (auto attendant), 1 deskphone phone, a group of deskphones, or voicemail prompt. In Manager go to the Incoming Call Route…

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Learn to program IPO series: Phone buttons

In this blog I will be covering adding and removing buttons on digital and IP phones for IP Office. I will be covering the basic button options that are used most of the time. Those are buttons like Appearance, Park, User, Twinning, Do not disturb, quick dial, and so on. There are over a 100 button options used for very…

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Learn to program IPO series – Directories

Having a list of common numbers with easy access on your phone rather than on a sheet of paper taped to your wall makes sense in my world. So in this article I will show you how to add and remove shared contacts as well as personal contacts on an extension for the Avaya IP Office. You can add them…

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Learn to program IPO Series: Auto Attendants

In this series of blogs I will discuss and explain how to program some basic and more than basic features of IP Office.The features and programming in this series will be shown on release 10.1 and may differ from your release. You will also see differences in programming as no two systems are the same. Over the next couple of…

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A case for structured cabling

What is the benefit of a good looking, well designed and manageable cabling room/LAN room or network infrastructure? Sure it looks nice but network traffic does not care...or does it?. Why not shove all your equipment on a shelf in the IT person's office or under her desk? Why not have switches all over the building if you have run…

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