Teleco Accelerates the Adoption of Microsoft Azure Among Local Businesses

Cloud Computing

Leading MTSP Helps Organizations Benefit by Moving Their Network Into the Cloud

THUNDER BAY, ON – October  25, 2023 – TELECO, a leading  managed technology services  provider (MTSP), announced today  that the company has accelerated  the adoption of Microsoft Azure  cloud services among local small  and medium-sized businesses  (SMBs). There are numerous  reasons TELECO has been leading  charge, which includes transitioning technology from a  capital expense to an operational  expense, convenience of flexible  workforce being driven by  remote/hybrid work environments,  multi-location operations, constant  access to the latest applications,  and greater cybersecurity. TELECO is helping businesses benefit from  Azure’s capability to enhance  organizational utility, flexibility,  and scalability to an almost  unprecedented level.  

First and foremost, Microsoft  Azure eliminates outdated IT  hardware in SMBs. Most companies are accustomed to  purchasing on-premise servers and  this manner of running a network  and storing data has become  obsolete with the proliferation of  the cloud. On-premise servers  quickly become outdated, which lead to major security concerns as  well. Without regular updates and  software upgrades they are susceptible to slower speeds while  the rest of the world is speeding up.  In sum, it makes no sense for  business owners to outlay large  capital expenditures on  deteriorating technology. As a  result, technology becomes an  operating expense versus a capital  expense and companies benefit  from a utilization model.

“For many smaller companies,  the notion of moving operations  into the cloud seems daunting due  to perceived complexity,” stated  Penny Belluz, Director of  Operations at Teleco. “When  you’re making this move, you  position your company for a bright  future; however, you do need to  simplify as much as possible. This  is another reason we’re such big  advocates of Azure, because it  actually simplifies cloud computing  and helps businesses achieve new  levels of efficiency. Our role is to educate companies on how Azure  can drastically improve their  performance and then conduct a  seamless transition for them.”

TELECO also encourages businesses to move to Microsoft  Azure for cloud services because of  workforce convenience especially  in a multi-location and a remote  work environment. While remote  teams can be more productive and efficient, it requires a cloud-based  platform for maximum results. As  remote work is likely to keep  growing in popularity, especially  with younger generations encompassing a larger percentage  of the workforce, it’s essential that  cloud infrastructure equips  organizations to thrive.  

Another huge advantage of  cloud computing with Azure is how  it assists organizations with unified  business intelligence, operations  infrastructure, enterprise resource  planning (ERP), and data  management into one flexible and  scalable platform. For example, an  ERP integrated with Azure helps  businesses adapt quickly and  empowers them to make data driven decisions. Azure is also dominating the  marketplace because it offers a  cloud infrastructure that increases  cybersecurity. A big differentiator  is how it not only delivers frequent,  comprehensive security updates,  but that users also receive updates  to the architecture of the software.  This makes it much more difficult  to breach since the fundamental  architecture adapts to emerging  threats. 

“With Azure, businesses gain  the agility and tools needed to enter  new markets, enable growth  through acquisitions, and launch  new products quickly,” Belluz continued. “After working closely with organizations to build, manage  and deploy applications on a local,  national or even global scale, we’ve  found that Azure is paving the way  for the future and Teleco is at the  forefront of guiding our customers  to take advantage of it.” 


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